Printing rollers

We are the country representatives of M/s. Jin Hwa Machinery Co. Ltd., Taiwan the leading manufacturers and exporters of embossing and printing rollers. These rollers find extensive use on PVC Leather Cloth, PU Leather, PVC Sheet, tissue paper, PP, PE sheets, wallpaper and floorings.

The printing rollers are manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility of Jin Hwa in Chunan, Taiwan with the sophisticated Digilaser technology. The best of materials, latest techniques, skilled manpower, supplemented by strict quality control and prompt delivery schedules all go in to create rollers that serve our customers' specific requirements.

Jin Hwa have a collection of over 1000 printing designs to choose from. The printing roller can also be made exactly as per the customer's drawing and in the material required by the customer.

The Jin Hwa range of rollers includes:

  • Embossing Rollers

  • Printing Rollers

  • Surface Heating rollers

  • Cooling Rollers

  • Mirror Rollers

  • Hard Chrome Roller

  • Machine Lead Roll

  • Hoge Fan Axle Leading roll

  • Calender Roll

  • Cooling mirror Roll

To See our various Printing Roller design and patterns visit our supplier's site.

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